About us

Direct Sales People are a group of talented sales individuals who work in the home improvements sector for the UK’s largest home improvements company.  We offer in house training across all of our product ranges and we are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing regions in the country.

Individuals that join us have either come from an existing home improvement direct sales back ground or wish to make a positive career change in their life and have decided to take control of their income and join us.

Income potentials in our business range from part time to full time salaries and many now enjoy what we like to call the £100k club.

We are passionate, driven and love to get the sale closed. We are also great leaders, recruiters and trainers. Whether you wish to work in tele canvassing, door canvassing or as sales executive in the home we offer you an opportunity to grow and be a part of a motivated team.

Our main office is based in St Albans and we are recruiting for a number of areas:

RM, EN,  SG, HP, CO, CM, CB, IP,  IG

You may also decide that management is where your true skills are positioned and if that is the case then we offer the right candidates and opportunity to grow and build a team working off of a full over ride.

Whether you are experienced in direct sales or wish to make a positive change In  your life, take the first step and email us your CV today choosing one of the positions that we have available under our immediate start tab on our home page.

Because closing the deal is all that matter!

The Direct Sales People Team

Email: directsalespeople@gmail.com


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